MR. Symon Soler 

PAnky  Trinidad 

Mariangela Soleil Frias Trinidad (born January 21, 1986), also known as Panky Trinidad, is a Filipina singer. She was one of the scholars and a grand finalist of the first season of Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006. In 2008, she was chosen to be one of the representatives to the World Championship of Performing Arts.


During her time in Pinoy Dream Academy, Panky earned the monicker "Rock Goddess" because of her powerful and commanding vocal prowess. She was also named the Star Scholar 5 times(the most earned), a recognition given to the scholar with the highest score and best performance during the weekly gala night.


Although she is widely known for her rock n' roll performances, Panky's versatility and flexibility as a vocal artist also allows her to sing RNB, Blues, Jazz, Broadway and Power Ballads with effortless conviction and ease. In fact, she is a multi-medalist and was awarded Champion Vocalist Of The World in the RNB/JAZZ Category In The World Championship Of Performing Arts held in Los Angeles, California in 2008. 


Here are Panky's Awards per category in the 2008 WCOPA:


- GOLD - Female Vocal Rock

- GOLD - Female Vocal RNB/Soul/Jazz (Champion Vocalist Of The World)

- SILVER - Female Vocal Broadway

- BRONZE - Female Vocal Pop


Panky is also a multi-talented musician. She plays the guitar, bass, drums, kahon and harmonica. She is left-handed.


Panky has performed all over the Philippines and in some parts of Asia and the United States.